Saturday night, with the best of intentions, I treated my brother to a belated birthday dinner in Lincoln Park, and before leaving the place, I had become so sick, I’d even made an emergency visit to the men’s room when the ladies’ was occupied and things had gotten, well, urgent. (A consoling factor, perhaps, was the look on the face of the man waiting outside when I exited, which, someday I can hope, will seem very funny indeed.)

I haven’t been this sick since last Christmas, when I had similar symptoms after a nasty chicken salad (which, incidentally, I have not eaten since). I can’t look at a cookbook, I’ve been muting all food-related commercials and, when I tried to skim the blogs in my reader, I almost lost whatever remnants were left in my stomach.

You know things have gotten very bad when you finally have a full day of doing nothing but laying beneath a pile of blankets in front of the television, watching one chick flick after another, and you don’t even enjoy it. Everything, from Steve Martin’s being father of the bride to some teenage girls sharing a pair of traveling jeans, made me cry. I even teared up watching Return to Me, a movie I have seen dozens of times, because I just love those little old guys and their Italian-Irish restaurant, and isn’t it sweet that Minnie Driver’s heart found David Duchovony?

I’m a mess, clearly. For the next few days, aside from a big glass of Pedialyte, chicken broth and a few pieces of plain toast, there isn’t much food on the horizon. Even when I can eat again, it will likely take some convincing to want to.

So take this as an I.O.U., would you? When I return, it will be sans bug, and I think we’ll all feel a little happier.


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    Urgh. That’s no fun – as I know well, having suffered a similar affliction for the better part of a year. I mean, it’s ONE way to lose weight, obviously, since not only are you losing all the food you DO eat, but when you’re not sick, just like you said, you’re in no hurry to start eating again.

    Get well soon!

  2. says

    Ugh, yeah, that sounds bad. There is nothing worse than being sick like that and … well, good on you for using the men’s room…after all, why not, no one else was using it. He he, I would have liked to see the guys face when you emerged also.

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    Sorry you’re sick. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve had a rough year healthwise. I found a pic of me making cookies for the first time when I was 3. Super cute. I’ll have to post it on my blog.

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    You’re all wonderful. Really. Thank you for the kind comments and for caring about this sick girl. Good news: I am feeling better, even ate a quarter of a slice of meatloaf tonight. More to come. :)

  5. Adam says

    Remember children: a restaurant where you cook your own raw meats in a pot of boiling oil is a recipe for trouble…and fondu becomes fon-don’t.

    Get well soon, kiddo–we’ve got lots more eating to do and only so much time to do it. 😉

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    Oh, how sad!! I hope you’re feeling better. I hate it when all things f**d related make me nauseous. And I love Return to Me, too. I go back for Bonnie Hunt just because I pretend like she’s my best friend. Keep sipping soup!!

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