Cookies on the Way!

You can't spend much time with me at all without being offered a few cookies I just baked. This you know, either from experience or hearing it all the time. Truth is, I like giving people cookies more than almost any other food. And, armed with my birthday KitchenAid mixer, I've been baking cookies so much lately, you'd think I'd run out of places to send them. But with cookies, you can really only bake too many when you run out of people you know and, well, people you don't know. I've recently joined Operation Baking Gals, an organization that was started by Susan of DoughMESStic as a way of encouraging her cousin, who was away from his wife and new baby. It's now grown to something of a blogging phenomenon, with several groups of several bakers, all sending baked goods to soldiers who need to be reminded of home. The premise is simple: each month sees a few volunteer leaders who post about their chosen soldiers. Bakers sign up, and, during the same scheduled week, everyone … [Read more...]