My Favorite Kale Salad

favorite kale salad

Last night, Tim, Rocco and I returned home after a full week away, driving first to Ohio and then to Chicago to see family, celebrate my birthday and give Rocco his first experience with a real road trip. Our boy was born into a family that has to travel to see its family, so we figured he may as well start learning what that's like now, in the early days, when he's all of just two months old. The way there was broken up by a night in Ohio, at Tim's sister's house, where we ate perfectly grilled chicken and decadent chocolate mousse cake alongside Italian-style green beans and quinoa salad. In Chicago, my mom made my favorite lemon chicken and my brother baked me chocolate birthday cake, and there were a lot of days of Three Twins ice cream. I don't think I exerted more effort than scooping prepared food onto my plate the whole vacation, so you can imagine what a luxury that was. And even on our epic 10-hour trip home yesterday (because, new parent lesson!, road trips get longer when … [Read more...]

one month in


Yesterday at the doctor's office, Rocco weighed a little over nine pounds. Nine pounds! Nine pounds might not seem like a lot, especially to my friend Jenna, whose baby came out two weeks after Rocco already weighing more than he does now, but, for a little guy who left the hospital one month ago today (!) only weighing 5 pounds, 13 ounces, nine pounds sounds pretty incredible. And, to a mama who's already logged thousands of nursing minutes into an iPad app that led to those nine pounds, it sounds like some kind of small victory at the least. He's growing! We're doing this! And wait, what were we talking about? Is that the baby crying? This brain is so stuffed with a new body of information on sleep schedules and developmental milestones and perfecting a baby's latch that it tends to shut down on me, without warning, mid-thought. This first month with Rocco has been... new. Everything's new. Like I mentioned in the last post, my labor and delivery were pretty difficult, so … [Read more...]

HE’S HERE \\ Meet Rocco Timothy


One week ago today I was already days into labor, breathing through contractions at our house, believing any minute our baby would arrive. In fact, Rocco Timothy came into the world hours after that, Saturday, June 27, at 7:35 p.m., a little nugget not quite six-and-a-half pounds, with a full head of hair, adorable lips and the longest newborn fingers and toes. Everyone says he looks like Tim, which is a compliment to both of them if you're asking me, and, from the moment we met him, he has stolen our hearts away with his tiny features, accidental smiles and kissable baby cheeks. I have so much I could post here about the labor and delivery that it took to get him here, but I don't know if this site is really the right place for that, so I will just say it was long and it was beautiful, although maybe not in the ways I expected, and that all the fears and research and preparation I had in expectation for the experience couldn't have told me what I most needed to know: that when it … [Read more...]

Simple Buttermilk Biscuits from Jessica Fechtor’s Stir

Buttermilk Biscuits from Jessica Fechtor's Stir

"You can cook for one. A fried egg and toast, a potato with cottage cheese, a single artichoke, steamed. Baking, on the other hand? I don't care how big your sweet tooth is, you can't eat all those cookies alone. You bake to share. Baking means you have more than enough: more flour, more butter, more eggs, to make more cake than you need for just you. It means you have something to give away. Baking is an act of generosity and thereby an act of freedom, since to be generous is to be free from the smallness of thinking only of yourself. Illness had made me dwell unnaturally on my own body and mind. I wanted to be generous again." --- Jessica Fechtor, Stir: My Broken Brain and the Meals That Brought Me Home The above quote is only one of the many little gems I want to tuck away with me after reading Jessica Fechtor's Stir, a new book written by the author of the blog Sweet Amandine. This lovely food memoir arrived at my doorstep just last Tuesday but it was so enjoyable I had … [Read more...]

Maple Blueberry Coconut Oil Scones Made with Einkorn Flour (Dairy-Free, Refined-Sugar-Free)

blueberry maple scones made with einkorn flour and coconut oil

I had a meltdown this weekend, full and total, lots of crying, the way pregnant women (or maybe especially this pregnant woman) are prone to do. Being pregnant has been weirdly easy for me physically---today at Trader Joe's, the sweet cashier asked me how far along I am, "37 weeks!" I said, and she gave a sympathetic nod with her sarcastic "oh, man, I bet you're feeling great." Then I had to say, actually, I am! Falling asleep is different than it used to be, I have this whole pillow arrangement I'm pretty married to now, and I've noticed I'm getting slower when I walk, but overall I feel good, just big, in most ways. The one way I do feel super pregnant, however, is when I have one of these meltdowns, man, these meltdowns, and hear myself venting out all these doubts and emotions that I really don't need to let have a voice in my heart. Tim's pretty good about handling these outbursts, which thankfully come less often than they did in early pregnancy, and this past weekend, he said … [Read more...]

Notes on a Final Month of Pregnancy + A Peek at Baby’s Gray and White Nursery

neutral nursery

Our due date is less than four weeks away and the chances of going into labor much shorter than that. The nursery is ready---or ready enough, at least, with little clothes washed and folded and little diapers sitting on the changing table and a little bassinet filled with cozy blankets ready for our boy. The downstairs freezer has a dozen meals ready to be thawed and dumped in a crockpot. There's a suitcase packed and ready in our room. We're having a baby, this is really happening, and with every wild kick and extra stretch of belly, I believe it more and more. I have had so many emotions in pregnancy, so many feelings, sometimes I've been afraid to let myself think about them. There are always temptations to fear and worry in life, about income and about health and about relationships and about all the unknowns, and pregnancy sort of ups all those possibilities a little bit. Suddenly you're responsible for another human being, one that's not only yours and growing inside of you but … [Read more...]

Heirloom Carrot, Rainbow Chard and Red Potato Daal from Music City Mise

Vegetarian Daal from Music City Mise | Food Loves Writing

After I wrote that last post, I got a fresh burst of cooking energy, no doubt thanks to all your easy-meal ideas (you guys are the best!), and so I freezer-prepped a bunch of crockpot meals, made an elaborate cake and roasted homemade fries over and over again. Then my brother was in town and, in between working on the nursery and having companions on my long daily walks, we got to eat at Epice and Vegan Vee and Wild Cow and fill the fridge with leftovers. Then, this week, Music City Mise did us the great privilege of letting us test out their service, where they give you bags of prepped and measured ingredients to make a specific, mostly organic, non-GMO, real-food-focused meal. Last night, it was the heirloom carrot, rainbow chard and red potato daal, a meal I didn't have to grocery-shop for, prep for or plan for in any way, and, start to finish, it took us one hour to make, mostly because we added a protein option (chicken) to our meal, and chicken takes a little time to cook. So … [Read more...]